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2LOUD Custom

2Loud Custom LIQUI MOLY 力魔 油封鏈條專用清潔劑 煞車盤 清潔劑 零件清洗劑

2Loud Custom LIQUI MOLY 力魔 油封鏈條專用清潔劑 煞車盤 清潔劑 零件清洗劑

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【2LOUD Custom | 貳鬧選品 | 2Loud Kit Parts】



● 總公司代理,德國原裝進口,非來路不明的水貨。

● 最新版煞清,優化倒噴輸出,使用更順手

● 不傷油封、鏈條專用清潔劑。

● 使組裝工作更加清潔、方便、安全。

● 能不留痕跡地快速去除機油、油脂以及塵土,經過處理的部件絕對沒有殘渣,並且沒有油漬。

● 可溶解樹脂、以及油脂殘渣,擁有良好的滲透性。

● 用於摩托車、汽車以及小型工業結構部件的快速清潔、除脂。

● 防偽造瓶身QR

● 專門開發用於清潔摩托車鍊條,含有各種高品質溶劑組合,可以快速方便地對兩輪車輛結構進行清潔、除脂。


● 產品說明




● Officially represented by the headquarters, imported directly from Germany, ensuring authenticity.

● Latest brake cleaner version with optimized reverse spray output for improved usability.

● Specifically designed for cleaning without damaging oil seals and chain.

● Facilitates cleaner, more convenient, and safer assembly work.

● Quickly removes oil, grease, and dust without leaving any residue on treated components.

● Excellent penetration ability, dissolves resin and grease residues effectively.

● Suitable for quick cleaning and degreasing of motorcycle, car, and small industrial structural components.

● Anti-counterfeit QR code on the bottle.

● Specially developed for cleaning motorcycle chains, containing a high-quality solvent blend for efficient cleaning and degreasing of two-wheeled vehicle structures.

Product Instructions:

Place a cloth or container underneath the area to be cleaned, then spray directly onto the chain, allowing the solvent to evaporate.

Avoid direct spraying on plastic parts and refrain from prolonged soaking of rubber parts in a container containing the cleaner to prevent potential corrosion.

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