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2LOUD Custom

2LOUD Custom 四吋 正牙圓鏡

2LOUD Custom 四吋 正牙圓鏡

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【2LOUD Custom | 貳鬧選品 通用型套件 | 2Loud Kit Parts】

四吋 10mm正反牙 圓形後照鏡


● 10mm正牙孔

● 請確認自己車款的規格,如有疑問請先私訊聊聊 

● 骨型鏡桿,不分左右,鏡面可360度旋轉,亦可調整高低

 ● 若您的車款規格為8mm,賣場有10mm轉8mm的轉接座

● 22.2mm檔車、速克達皆適用

 ● 鏡片位置可各角度任意移動,左右皆可裝

 ● 桿身短、俐落有型

 ● 售價為單隻之產品

 ● 台灣、日本各大廠牌檔車、速克達皆可用、使用範圍廣

 ● 此為單組價格,鏡面1個+鏡桿1支

 ● CafeRacer、Brat、Chopper、Scrambler、Tracker、Bobber風格皆可搭配



4吋鏡面|直徑約10 cm

3吋鏡面|直徑約7.6 cm



Four-Inch 10mm Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Thread Circular Rearview Mirror

  • 10mm clockwise threaded hole
  • Please confirm your motorcycle's specifications, and feel free to inquire if you have any questions.
  • Bone-shaped mirror stem, universal for both left and right sides, 360-degree rotation, and adjustable height
  • If your motorcycle has an 8mm specification, there are 10mm to 8mm adapters available in the store.
  • Suitable for 22.2mm handlebars, compatible with various motorcycles and scooters
  • Adjustable mirror position for versatile angles, suitable for both left and right installations
  • Short and sleek mirror stem design with a 55-degree bend, 17.5cm in length
  • Sold individually
  • Compatible with a wide range of motorcycles, including those from major brands in Taiwan and Japan
  • This is a single-unit price, including one mirror and one mirror stem
  • Suitable for various motorcycle styles such as Cafe Racer, Brat, Chopper, Scrambler, Tracker, and Bobber.


  • 4-inch mirror diameter, approximately 10 cm
  • 3-inch mirror diameter, approximately 7.6 cm



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