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Kymco ktr150 rocker arm

Kymco ktr150 rocker arm

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【2LOUD Custom Custom Partsts】

Ernao KTR wide/narrow tire rocker arm


The main body uses a round pipe to bend it into a U shape

The groove welding connection is reinforced on the left and right

And the support position is closer to the wheel axle core

Improves rocker arm torsional strength

Fills the gap between the frame and wheels

Main visual design coordination and upgrade


The U-shaped space is enough to accommodate

450-18 retro sawtooth tires

Have appropriate chain adjustment space

Plus the ratio of the area of ​​the round tube to the sheet metal parts

Let the body be enlarged while

Without losing visual compactness


For retro modifications, in addition to the appropriate wheelbase visually,外

It is also important that the shock absorber angle is parallel to the platform行!

(The distance from the rear shock absorber lower seat axis to the center of the rocker arm shaft hole is the same as the original factory)


Of course, the Ernao rocker arm must be equipped with the classic Ernao chain cover/original price 3800$

Discount of 1000$ for optional accessories purchased directly

Functional visual details can be fully taken care of

Top configuration is more complete


The data part is set as follows

The distance from the center of the rocker shaft hole to the center of the elongated hole of the rear wheel axle is 50cmm

The total length of the rocker arm is 56cm


KTR150 Modify this product

Based on the original factory front shock absorber length

If you use the rear wheel 18' and the front wheel 19' as shown in the picture‘’

The recommended length of the rear shock absorber is


(Original factory is 350mm)


The final point

We have thought of everything that can be prevented in advance.了

Friction points such as the chain adjuster group, wheel axle core, and shock absorber core

All use white iron stainless steel

No paint peeling or rust caused by adjusting the chain or disassembling the shock absorber

Make products more durable


For here or 2go?

Let's 2wards freedom 2gether.


●Seiko Made in Taiwan

●The stainless steel hairline texture when exposed to water replaces the original factory modification and upgrades significantly. 明顯。 

●Ernao kits are custom-made for various vehicle types. They are easy to install and can be installed directly.上。

2LOUD KTR Wide/Narrow Tire Swingarm

The main body is constructed using circular tubes bent into a U-shape, with reinforced welding along the grooves connecting the left and right sides. The support positions are closer to the wheel axis, enhancing the torsional strength of the swingarm and filling the gap between the frame and wheels. The visual design is upgraded for a cohesive look.

The U-shaped space is spacious enough to accommodate a 450-18 retro sawtooth tire, providing sufficient chain adjustment space. The proportions of the circular tubes and sheet metal areas contribute to enlarging the body without sacrificing a visually compact appearance.

In terms of retro modification aesthetics, besides the appropriate wheelbase, the angle of the shock absorber is equally crucial parallel to the chassis! (The distance from the lower seat axis of the rear shock absorber to the center of the swingarm pivot hole is the same as the original factory.))

To complete the ensemble, the 2LOUD swingarm is ideally paired with the classic 2LOUD chain cover, originally priced at $3800, available for direct purchase with a $1000 discount.

For comprehensive functionality, visual appeal, and attention to detail, the top configuration is more complete.

The specified dimensions are as follows:

  • Distance from the swingarm pivot hole center to the rear wheel axle center is 50cm.
  • The total length of the swingarm is 56cm.

When installing this product on a KTR150, considering the original front shock absorber length:

  • If using a rear 18'' wheel and a front 19'' wheel, the recommended length for the rear shock absorber is 350mm to 360mm (original factory length is 350mm).

A crucial feature is the use of stainless white iron for friction points such as the chain adjuster assembly, wheel axle core, and shock absorber axle core. This choice prevents rust and paint peeling, ensuring durability even during chain adjustments or shock absorber disassembly.

For here or 2go Let's head 2wards freedom 2gether..

● Precision-crafted in Taiwan

● Stainless white iron, resistant to water corrosion, with a hairline texture surface for an enhanced visual and tactile experience. Replacing the original factory part results in a noticeable upgrade.

● All 2LOUD custom parts are tailored for various motorcycle models, ensuring a simple and direct installation.

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