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2LOUD Custom

Harley-Davidson Sportster Harley Chain Cover

Harley-Davidson Sportster Harley Chain Cover

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【2LOUD Custom | 訂製套件|Custom Parts】

04後 哈雷Sportster 皮帶蓋







2LOUD Custom 04 later Harley Sportster Belt Cover

  • Expertly crafted in Taiwan by 2LOUD Custom.

  • Includes a concealed bracket for a sleek appearance.

  • Features an exquisite black concealed bracket that enhances the overall look of the belt cover.

  • Made from stainless white iron, providing resistance to water-induced corrosion. The surface showcases a textured appearance with hairline patterns, offering a visual and tactile upgrade over the stock part.

  • 2LOUD Custom's range of accessories is tailored for various motorcycle models, ensuring easy installation and compatibility. Elevate your riding experience with these customized and easy-to-install modifications.

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