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2LOUD Custom

2Loud Custom Maxima ProPlus全合成酯類機油 4t10w50

2Loud Custom Maxima ProPlus全合成酯類機油 4t10w50

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【2LOUD Custom | 貳鬧選品 | MAXIMA】

ProPlus 4t 10w50 全合成酯類機油






超過API SL / JASO MA2的要求。


PRO PLUS +的配方超過JASO MA對四行程引擎所有濕式離合器的要求。



ProPlus 4t 10w50 Fully Synthetic Ester Engine Oil

Fully synthetic ester-enhanced four-stroke engine oil, providing comprehensive protection for the engine, optimal performance, and excellent clutch operation feel.

The surfactant and antioxidant formula ensures an excellent oil film thickness, while maintaining viscosity stability at all operating temperatures.

An advanced patented additive system ensures clean engine operation, extending the engine's lifespan under normal, trouble-free conditions.

Exceeds API SL / JASO MA2 requirements.

The PRO PLUS+ formula surpasses JASO MA requirements for all wet-clutch four-stroke engines.

A balanced additive system significantly reduces engine deposits, providing an outstanding feel and ensuring trouble-free shifting at crucial moments.

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