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2LOUD Custom

2Loud Custom Maxima 哈雷Sportster 半合成 變速箱油 傳動油

2Loud Custom Maxima 哈雷Sportster 半合成 變速箱油 傳動油

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【2LOUD Custom | 貳鬧選品 | MAXIMA】

哈雷 GEAR&CHAIN CASE 半合成 變速箱油

礦物基礎機車齒輪油專門配製用於高性能V-Twin Sportster變速箱和主鏈箱。




Harley GEAR&CHAIN CASE Semi-Synthetic Transmission Oil

A mineral-based motorcycle gear oil specially formulated for high-performance V-Twin Sportster transmissions and primary chain cases.

The robust formula maintains oil film thickness and viscosity stability across all operating temperature ranges.

An advanced formulation ensures optimal clutch engagement, facilitating smooth gear shifts, even under extreme loads, to achieve maximum efficiency.

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