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2LOUD Custom

2LOUD Custom 5.75吋 貳鬧美規凸型大燈 白燈殼

2LOUD Custom 5.75吋 貳鬧美規凸型大燈 白燈殼

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【2LOUD Custom | 貳鬧選品 通用型套件 | 2Loud Kit Parts】

5.75吋 貳鬧美規凸型大燈 白燈殼



● 美國DOT規格,凸玻璃燈罩造型

● 美規注重防水與光型,故玻璃是黏死,無法替換

 ● 全金屬外殼,鐵材質

● 通用型改裝大燈,下鎖式安裝

● 大燈支架為賣場商品,商品內不會含大燈支架

● 可升級LED燈泡,賣場內可加購


● Precision crafted in Taiwan, a globally popular vintage design.

● Complies with U.S. DOT specifications, featuring a convex glass lamp cover.

● U.S. standards prioritize waterproofing and light pattern, hence the non-replaceable sealed glass.

● All-metal casing, made of iron material.

● Universal retrofit headlight with bottom-lock installation.

● The headlight bracket is sold separately; the product does not include the headlight bracket.

● Upgradeable to LED bulbs; additional purchase options are available in the store.

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