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2LOUD Custom

2LOUD Custom 貳鬧靜音錐形管

2LOUD Custom 貳鬧靜音錐形管

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【2LOUD Custom | 訂製套件|Custom Parts】



● 全電鍍,淋雨到家要記得擦乾!

 ● 內徑插口38mm,抽下轉接環為45mm

 ● 長度46cm

 ● 精工台灣製造

 ● 貳鬧套件皆為各種車種訂定製作,安裝簡單且皆可直上。

2LOUD Silent Cone-Shaped Exhaust

  • Fully electroplated, be sure to wipe it dry if exposed to rain!

  • Inner diameter at the inlet is 38mm, and when the adapter ring is removed, it becomes 45mm.

  • Length: 46cm

  • Precision-made in Taiwan

  • 2LOUD kits are custom-designed for various motorcycle models, ensuring easy installation and compatibility.

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